About me

Name:            Kristina Vogel


Birthday:       10.11.1990


star sign:        Scorpion


Team:              Team Erdgas.2012


Profession:     Federal Police


Hobbies:          Ikea, meet friends, laze, guitar hero


Life wisdom:   "think pink"

                                    "I need something for my care"



On 10.11.1990 I was born in Leninskoje.
That probably hardly anyone knows,  Leninskoje is in Kirgistian, which is far beyond the Urals. :)
I've always been a sports fan, until I found my 2000 Sport: Cycling!
At first on the road until I moved in 2005 on the track.
On the train we went jerk twitch: First race at the track and then the same youth national squad.
In 2006 I was already for the first time champion in the sprint and 500m time trial.
These were the first steps for the junior ...
2007 and 2008, then until now, two years have been successful for me: 6-times world junior champion.
That was two years have really influenced me very much and who laid the foundation for everything, for everything that's coming.

On 20.Mai.2009 cope, I had a serious setback.
On this day, I took the right of way, a collision was no longer avoidable.
The result were two days of coma, four weeks in hospital and three months of rehab before I could sit in the saddle again.
I've used, but much time, effort and support I've done it!
Thanks to my family, my partner Michael and friends from everywhere!
You have truly helped me very much: THANK YOU!
I´ve always wanted to be back in the saddle. And I'm back!

In 2010 I was 5th in the sprint at the World Cup in Copenhagen. This is the best result since 2001 German sprint!

Now I hope the next two years keep it running great, because the 2012 Olympics in London, that's my goal!